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Content Management

Give Your Data Soul

Our customers are managing roughly 4,000 terabytes of files stored and three billion pieces of metadata. 

We are humbled by those numbers and proud of our comprehensive integrated marketing content management solution – MEDIABANK. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a team of highly qualified and respected engineers set WAVE apart from the competition.  

For nearly three decades, industry leaders in marketing, advertising and publishing have trusted our content management and integrated workflow solutions.

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Digital Assets 

Benefits of MediaBank's Digital Storage and WorkFlows.  Here are few to get you started.


Efficient data asset workflows and processes can speed delivery times to market and since time is money, save you some green. Use the extra to grow your strategic initiatives. 

Team Harmony

Bridge departments via a single solution and improve creativity and output by streamlining communications.  People are happier and more productive if they can find the data they need.

Tailored Control

Easily know and control who has access to what information.  Version control, rights management, change tracking, and secure portals improve data integrity. 


Electronic tasks assignment, soft-proofing, and content approvals create smart workflows, help keep projects on schedule and team members smiling. 


Enterprise Content Experts

Wave Corp = Engineering Excellence


We have been in business for almost 30 years, worked with a diverse global customer base and are experts in omni-channel marketing production processes.


Via phone, email, or in person – our team of data management experts are easy to reach and easy to communicate with about your needs.  Questions, bring them on!  We are here to help.


We aren’t very comfortable tooting our own horn, so let’s just leave it at the fact that 75% of our company is made up of degreed engineers with an average of 15 years experience.


A reputation as strong as ours doesn’t pop-up overnight. Our customer service approach – make customers so happy they tell others how awesome working with us is.

More About Us

Maximizing Asset Value Through DAM

Most Promising Media and Entertainment Company 2015

MediaBank Gold blends its heritage in Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Business Process Management (BPM) to deliver a new breed of software that is far more effective in today’s adaptive multi-channel environment digital assets.