Integrated Marketing Content Management

A Quality Ensemble

Organized Single Source For All Content – Images, Videos, Documents, Text

Easily accessible, highly secure, centralized repository of your company's valued information
Robust client/server application and stable architecture to support large enterprises
Many features to then help distribute this valuable information across various channels, including web, print, multi-media, email, packaging, etc
An all-in-one solution offers an operational synergy that is impossible to achieve when employing multiple disparate systems

A JukeBox for Your Creative Content

So you can dial up the right song for the right audience at the right moment

Any And All Asset Types

Regardless of the file types you work with, MediaBank is ready to handle them.

Powerful Searching

From simple word searches to complex formulas, quickly find the Assets you are looking for.

File Version Control

Track, review, and control historical file edits to mitigate risk of data loss.

Granular Permissions

Share globally with the Security to prevent unwanted access delivered via Access Controls Lists (ACLs).

Flexible Data Model

Manage your information the way you want with unlimited metadata attributes and classification structures.

Exports & Imports

Custom reports and hands-free system integrations are at your fingertips.

Adobe Creative Cloud Panels

Access media natively within the major applications of the CC suite.

Intelligent Document Links

Receive automatic notifications as content within your documents is updated.

Microsoft Office Ribbons

Access media from PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook ribbons.

Outlook Synchronization

Some of your most important events happen in e-mails and calendars, now it’s time to leverage this information.

Workflow Designer

Build and modify your approved processes in a graphical environment with simple point-and-clicks and drag-and-drops.

Schedule Status

At a quick glance identify if a job is early, late, or on-time, and where in the process that status changed.

Task List

Each user is presented with their own prioritized task list so they are able to confidently jump into their work.

Automate Actions

Regardless of the file types used the MediaBank asset manager handles them.

Task Assignment

Whether your team utilizes project/traffic managers or delegates work on a more ad-hoc basis, MediaBank is ready to assist.

Dashboard Reports

Improve decision making and team communications with clearer insight into workflow performance.

Centralized Copy

Compose copy with character counts, server-based spelling and grammar checks, special character palettes, cross-platform text styling, and intelligent document links.


Those up-stream from designers can easily visualize and communicate the desired page content and layout in an omni-channel XML format.

Omni-Channel Blocks

Organize content pieces, like images and text, into containers called Blocks to smooth development of product families and promotional events.

Campaigns & Jobs

Organize and track the lifecycle of your initiatives to analyze actual performance against forecasted expectations.


Support the linking of related Assets such as, kits and accessories, repair parts, cross and up sells, and SKUs to creative media.

Table Builder

Feel like a rock-star while watching MediaBank automatically build accurate rows and columns of data-heavy content.

Inheritable Attributes

Assets dynamically inherit metadata based upon relationships with other objects - examples include product-type specifications and promotional pricing.

Attribute Calculations

Change units of measure at the click of a button. This not only applies to specs like length, width, and height, but pricing and currency conversions too.


Variable Data Publishing (VDP)

In terms of production efficiency, the Template Manager gives Design teams a helpful head-start by automatically generating all of the pages for a job. It also promotes consistent brand standards by offering a simple web utility to create customized materials using approved content and layout.

Page Generation

Select your desired content and the assortment of template types described below, then watch MediaBank spray all of your pages for you.

Snippet Templates

The digital version of physical cut-outs, Snippets are visual representations of related images and text used for initial placement.

Whiteboard Templates

While planning the general layout of a page, use static boxes to ensure branding and dynamic boxes to automatically swap content.

Web to Print

Permit teams to create their own marketing collateral through a self-service portal that ensures corporate look and feel is maintained.

With Unlimited Users, Storage, and Assets
We’re ready to grow with you!