Engineering Excellence Since 1987

Our Mission

Advance the Management and Distribution of Information

AS A BUSINESS – Forge relationships upon an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and competence

AS CONSULTANTS – Design and promote operational strategies that anticipate client requirements and market trends

AS ENGINEERS – Develop and support enterprise software applications to form the foundation of effective content management

Our global customer base is unique and varied. It includes some of the largest marketers, manufacturers, advertisers, retailers, publishers, printers, and archivists in the world. We continually demonstrate a history of creativity, engineering advancement, customer satisfaction and loyalty. We work with our clients to advance their processes and cultivate their brand.

Past, Present & Future

Established 1987, our early microcontroller based design projects included portable bar code systems, primary standard air flow calibrators, and digitizing the facilities blue prints of a telecommunications company for distribution in the field via compact disc.

Presently our talented engineers actively develop MediaBank, a Best–In–Class enterprise software product used by discriminating businesses all over the globe. Coupled with the expertise of our team this experienced group makes the combined solution a value second to none.

Looking ahead we will continue to anticipate industry needs by working closely with and listening to our customers. Given our 30 year track record, we are confident WAVE has longevity you can trust.

Our Strategy

We are engineers who enjoy working with people and getting things done. Our old-school culture favors handshakes and logic over red-tape policies. In our enduring quest to deliver value, our first priority is to nurture the professional skills and long-term well-being of the WAVE team.

  • Build upon our esteemed reputation for successful systems integrations and workflow consulting services
  • Continue to be pioneers in evolving the Digital Asset and Content Management industries

Consulting & Professional Services

Respected Engineers in Brand, Advertising, Publishing, and Marketing

Installation and Training

Unlimited Attendees

We love acquiring and sharing knowledge. Our comprehensive and detailed training will give users the necessary skills with hardly any learning curve. We include comprehensive role-based training for...

  • IT Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Power Users
  • End Users

Software Development

Tailored Solutions

Efficient and effective projects can often make the ROI difference. We are particularly adept at delivering scalable tailored solutions without the limitations often associated with custom one-offs.

  • Product Enhancements
  • Systems Integrations
  • Custom Projects

Remote Administration

Hosted SAAS solutions ease IT requirements, but never perform as well as on-premise solutions. With remote administration, our product engineers and renowned support staff become your system administrators. You get the best of both worlds – the performance of on-premise with the simplicity of a hosted solution.

Combines the Best of SAAS and On-Premise

  • Put the MediaBank Experts to work for you 
  • Keep ownership of your data
  • Place servers where it makes the most sense

Services Include

  • Monitoring of system operation
  • Completion of system upgrades
  • Configuration of Application Services

Collaborative Deployment

Content management isn’t just software, it’s a way of life. The Collaborative Deployment puts the collective knowledge of our customers and our own industry experts to work for you. Our experience has proven that this engagement is vital to orchestrating an efficient workflow and maximizing your ROI.


  • Current Process Flow and Dependencies
  • Data Gap & Bottleneck Identification
  • Upstream vs Downstream Analysis


  • System Configuration
  • Data Modeling & Cleansing
  • Optimized Workflow Design
  • Choreographing Omni-Channel Operations
  • Systems Integration Architecture


  • Mitigating Production Risks
  • Data Migration Planning
  • Installation & Training

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